Get to Know High Mountain Creative + Special Pricing on Logo Design!

For those of you who have worked with me, you know that there's so much more behind my business than the shapes and colors you see in the final product. There's a carefully thought-out philosophy, approach and process to each of my projects that has taken years to perfect. I thought I'd devote this week to go beyond the creative side of High Mountain Creative and share with everyone the inner-workings of my studio. I hope you enjoy following along!

HMC Infographic Square 2018-01.png

Philosophy: High Mountain Creative provides a professional, approachable, no-ego agency experience. We believe that creativity is a shared journey between client and designer. Your passion for your product fuels our research, development and ideas. Your voice is strong, but with good design, it can be a powerhouse.

Approach: Our designs are timeless, effective and unique. Although we take inspiration from trends, history and nature, we pride ourselves in artwork that is one-of-a-kind and never what you expected.

Process: Our process is dialed. Each step is thoroughly defined and never skipped or cheated. We love each step of our process because the care we take shows in each and every design that we execute.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the back-end of High Mountain Creative. Now for the good part: as a thank you for following along, I'm offering some specials on packages for my followers.

Package 1) Logo Design with Quick-Look Brand Book and Business Card Design for up to 3 people

Package 2) Single Page Infographic Design for up to 6 facts or figures

Package 3) Creative Commission for illustration, watercolor or print

Email for pricing and details.

Special pricing valid through June 15, 2018.