Colorado & New Mexico, USA

Too many cool things happened in the last seven days, here are some highlights.

Last weekend, I attended a Van Life gathering in Colorado in the Pike National Forest. A hundred or so folks from around the country drove their vans of all shapes and sizes to the middle of the forest to mingle, eat, drink, dance, yoga, make music, art, friends and best of all - share stories about life in a van. I met people who had been living in their vans for years - “full timers,” I met families with kids driving across the country in their van, a whole Van Life crew from Australia came and inspired us with music and good vibes. I learned the ins and outs of “boondocking,” I learned how to do acro yoga, I made new friends who taught me their tips and tricks for living minimally. 

After the Van Life gathering, it was time to get back on the grid and continue on to new, uncharted territory. I visited Great Sand Dunes National Park in Southern Colorado where I purchased my first-ever annual National Parks pass (woo!) and hiked half way up the tallest sand dunes in North America. 

I spent four days camping in Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico where I serendipitously met some of the most kind, interesting people that I have ever met and will always remember. Not to mention the fabulous, diverse landscape. New Mexico’s nickname is the Land of Enchantment and I will agree, it is the Land of Enchantment.

One of the main purposes of this trip is to connect with people; be it friends, clients or new acquaintances. On Thursday, I got to connect with Sinjin Eberle from American Rivers. We’ve been working together for several years, yet had never met in person until now. He hosted me and showed me the lovely town of Durango in Southwest Colorado. It’s a great reminder that - especially in my very digital-focused online world - that real, offline connections make my work so much more meaningful.