Park City, Utah, USA (Still)

You'll notice that there are no beautiful blue photos of the van this week, that's because she is still hanging with the mechanic. Salty is having her transmission rebuilt - a lengthy and expensive fix. Fortunately, I am "stuck" in a great spot with supportive friends with extra beds and cars and very big hearts. For everyone who romanticizes about Van Life, this is an all-too-real reminder that it's usually not all starry nights and seaside breezes!

I'm working on a new personal project that combines my travel stories, my drawings and maybe some fun photos taken with my new Fuji Instax camera! Stay tuned on that.

It's time for the ski resorts to kick-off their winter planning, so the High Mountain Creative studio is about to be very busy with exciting new projects. The best part is, next week, I will get to spend some face time with my clients in Lake Tahoe that I will be meeting in-person for the first time - can't wait!

Cross your fingers and pray to the VW gods that Salty and I are back on the road this week.