Jávea, Spain Week 2

This was the last week of my 14-week "Snow World Tour." I'll be posting a full recap in my notebook in the next couple of weeks, stay tuned. Spending two weeks in Jávea for my final days was ridiculously perfect. I've really been loving coliving at Sun and Co., exploring Jávea and getting a little bit of Mediterranean sunshine before making the long haul back to the USA. This week, I hosted a drawing workshop as well as a branding skillshare. It was really fun being able to share some of my knowledge and talents with the other colivers. I've gained so much from my housemates through culture, language, food, perspectives, storytelling, wine and tons of laughing and good times. Thank you so much Sun and Co. and all of my new remote working (...a.k.a. digital nomad....) friends!