Val d'Anniviers & Zermatt, Switzerland

This week, I got to see one of the most iconic mountain peaks in the world - The Matterhorn in Zermatt. It was surreal and inspiring; it reminded me to look back on all of the cool things I've gotten to see on this trip - from the towering mountain peaks of Switzerland to the teal blue waters of Thailand. We live on a pretty neat planet, and I'm really grateful that I've finally gotten to see some of it.

I spent some time working on some "field studies" this week practicing some new mountain drawing techniques. Sometimes, I just need to check out and work on my own projects for a few hours to help me refocus. Sitting outside and taking in my surroundings gives me the inspiration I need to bring creativity back into my work. I consider it all part of my process.

Next week, back to France for two more weeks. It's quite warm, I'm not sure how much snowboarding I'll get to do.