Jumping on the Band Wagon: Working Remotely

When I had a job, I had ten vacation days a year. I would spend $1500 on a plane ticket to fly to Europe and sit on a plane for two days to get there. Every time I came home from these trips, I knew it was never enough. I was already feeling pretty motivated to start working for myself and the idea of making my own schedule and living, working and traveling where I wanted, got me so excited. I started freelancing when I was 19, I knew I had the chops, but it was going to take some guts to pull the whole thing off.

Two years ago, when I quit my job and started researching remote working, I found a huge community of people who call themselves “Digital Nomads.” There are forums, blogs, Facebook support groups, tons and tons of resources, even companies like Remote Year and Hacker Paradise that organize trips for groups of remote workers that last for up to a year! It was so overwhelming to discover, but so cool to stumble upon such a solid community of people who were after the exact same thing that I was. It made me realize that I wasn’t alone…I could totally do this. 

So, starting tomorrow, I will be joining the revolution of remote working travel junkies. Packing for four months for two completely different climates has been extremely difficult. But, I think I’m ready.

Next stop: Tokyo!