Consolidating my Studio to Fit into a Suitcase


When I decided to start traveling and working, one thing that I was sort of in denial about was that I couldn’t take all of my favorite art & design supplies along with me. At home, I have a bookcase full of beautiful design & typography books, drawers of art supplies and cases full of fun paper, Exacto knives, markers and tools. I really had to narrow my quiver for this trip; it was not an easy task and there is already a long list of things I wish I could have brought with me.

A small corner of my suitcase was dedicated to the following:

1 travel journal
1 mixed media pad
1 notepad
1 small pencil case filled with markers, a glue stick, a straightedge, pencils and erasers
1 set of highlighters
1 pair of scissors
Sticky notes
Stamp making supplies (rubber, woodcarving tool, ink pad)
1 box of business cards
Mouse & mousepad
MacBook Pro w/carrying case (& lock!)

I feel a little lost without my whole office, but it will teach me to use the tools that I have to create great things regardless of where I am or what I have.