Pulling it together with Bracelets

 Pulling it together with Bracelets

While I love all art projects that I do, creating art that is both unique and functional can be extra rewarding. The best part about these types of projects is the challenge of finding ways to combine all of the skills you possess, both shiny and rusty, and use them to make something awesome.

When I was younger, my mother taught me how to sew. I could hand sew, use a sewing machine, repair loose buttons, etc. I would make pillows for my grandma and I even started a purse business in middle school. I found scrap fabric in my mom’s fabric bin and went to town. I mostly gave them away as gifts but I had a few loyal paying customers. Aside from the occasional ski sock repair, I hadn’t done much sewing at all since my purse days. Until yesterday. I decided that I wanted to use some of my current, shiny skills and work them in with my old, rusty skills to create nothing other than…a bracelet.

I like to use various forms of printmaking when creating art, but, as some of you may have read in one of my previous blogs, hand-carved rubber stamps are my favorite form of at-home printing. The cool thing about these stamps is that you can pretty much use them to print on any surface using almost any type of ink or paint. You also don’t need a press or any extra-professional equipment to make an imprint. Then, in comes the scrap fabric; in this case, just some plain old blue cotton stuff that was collecting dust in my art bin. Using special paint and some existing floral stamps that I had carved a few months back, I created my own printed fabric.

Along with my cool new fabric, I brought in some upcycled fabric from an old textured bed skirt, a few abandon buttons and some vintage lace. I tore out my sewing skills and got creative using the old and new materials I had in front of me to create these lovely bracelets.

Just for fun, I’m opening an Etsy store where I’m going to sell bracelets, prints and other creations. We’ll see how it goes.