Moving across the Country.

Moving Across the Country.

The Trip:

My mom and I just took a road trip from California to Michigan. By road trip, I mean, I moved across the country with a bunch of sh*t strapped to my jeep with a dog in the trunk hoping for the best as we toured National Parks, iconic mountain towns, hot springs, cornfields, tea factories, organic farms and rolling meth labs*. It was a pretty cool trip. I finally visited Great Basin National Park, I saw Park City, Utah with beautiful fall colors and stayed at a quaint campground in Steamboat where we rented a mini cabin just big enough for the three of us. I hung out with my cousins in Denver in their new house and saw some old friends all along the way. The trip was anything but boring. It was a huge distraction from what was about to sink in: I had uprooted my entire life. Again.

*We didn't actually tour a rolling meth lab (thank God), we just saw one in full operation in Eastern Nevada. Typical.
My extremely realistic goals for what's next:

The idea made perfect sense. I would move back to Michigan and fulfill ALL of my creative career goals. Restore a vintage camper and convert it into a mobile design studio. Take Detroit by storm and help rebuild new businesses with stellar logos and good branding. I would build my design company enough so that my clients didn't mind if I took off to Paris or Oslo for a week and worked remotely. My art and creations that I made in my free time would fly off the Etsy shelves, giving me pocket change for that vacation to Costa Rica I've been wanting to take. I guess this all sounds pretty ridiculous, right? It probably does, but the good thing about starting with a clean slate, is that even a mistake can look like progress because at least you're trying. You just keep powering ahead, be proud of your decisions, and keep self-doubt and regret out of the picture.

So that said...anyone need a logo?

More to come on my new adventure in art and life. Stay tuned.

Mom, Sadie and I in front of Wheeler Peak in Great Basin National Park