The key to happiness: handmade paper

Sometimes after a long, hard day, the only person you can rely on to put a smile on your face is...crafts. A few weeks ago I bought a paper making kit. It was intimidating. I opened the box and set its contents on my desk, read the directions and said "well, that's nice." Every night, I lay awake in bed. I can feel it staring at me. Judging.

A stack of paper scraps and old brown paper bags piled up in my craft corner along with the long list of projects I wanted to complete with my (non-existent) handmade paper. All I needed to do was bridge the gap. And that I did. I felt like a witch mixing up potions; it was amazing. I blended old paper, chocolate bar wrappers, dried flowers...anything I felt like. My first go at it was pretty terrible, it turned out more like anorexic cardboard with a heroin problem. But nobody's perfect. Not even cardboard.

After a decent batch, I went to the paints and stamps and made all of my wildest craft dreams come true. On a few versions, I worked on staining the paper with watercolors; it's debatable if that was a great idea but it got me excited to experiment with different approaches.

Thank you, handmade paper, for putting a smile on my face today.  I love you.