Tahoe Snowcial: For Skiers with Jobs

Back in September, we started planning for the 5th Annual Snowcial conference. There were weekly status calls, impressively long e-mail chains, and a handful of logistical ups and downs. When February 27th finally arrived, I had no idea what to expect. During the welcome reception, well-dressed entrepreneurs entered the venue along side flannel-wearing, trucker hat heros; all with plenty enough in common to spark up some of the most fascinating and occasionally appalling conversations I've ever heard. Ski resorts, algorithms, social media strategies and PBR are among the topics you would likely overhear at any given point during the conference. Throughout the four days, we had 10 keynote speakers, three days of skiing, a film festival, and of course, the after parties...this is where all of the real networking happens. As a person with a minor case of social anxiety, having a beer or three while discussing the conference highlights from that day can really help the conversation; and since Snowcial is a hybrid of borderline awkward computer geeks and employed ski bums, I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates the casual environment that this conference provides. For me, the most rewarding and memorable part of Snowcial was being invited to participate in the Lightning Round. You have one topic, 20 PowerPoint slides and 15 seconds to present each slide, all while getting heckled and laughed at by the audience. My topic was "EpicNixed: 10 EpicMix Pins that Didn't Make the Cut." Thanks to TransWorld Business, there's an awesome video of my Lightning Round Presentation. You can watch it here. I'm pretty sure being on the panel for the Lightning Round earned me some street cred; something a rookie Snowcialite could certainly use.

Snowcial really made an impression on me. I successfully expanded my professional network, learned from some of the smartest people I've ever met and got less sleep in a 96 hour period than any other time in my life. I can't wait for next year.

Oh. Here's the recap video, it's good.