Winter Recap - 2011/2012 in Tahoe & The Sierra Nevada Mountains

This winter season was undoubtedly a test of devotion to those who dedicate themselves to the mountain lifestyle. With record low snowfall throughout the 2011/2012 season matched with unseasonably warm temperatures, living and working in a ski town had its challenges this year. That may even be an understatement. Resort towns across the country rely on cold temps and big dumps to keep in the game, when the snow doesn’t fall; jobs, local businesses, morale and the overall well being of a town could be in jeopardy. I feel like we all made it out alive, but perhaps a bit weary. For me, this season brought a catalog of changes. In January, I took on the job as Marketing Coordinator at Heavenly. I moved into my own place, shifted the direction of my business, and saw a few good friends come and go (one of the most difficult parts about living in a part-time-seasonal-type town).

Oh, and Robert (my hermit crab) passed away. And then I got a goldfish named Milo and killed him, too. But not on purpose.

Below is a collage of cool Tahoe photos I took this winter using Instagram, because that’s what all the cool kids are doing.

























RIP Robert

January, 2012