Vacation Collage

My big brother got married on October 1st, it was awesome! So I ventured back to the motherland and took a few side trips along the way. Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc. Since I'm terrible at writing blog posts I'm just sort of going to sum up my Vacation Collage in a series of short phrases that may or may not directly correspond with the photos...or make any sense.

 Here it goes:

Downtown Chicago water tower thing really awesome fortune cookie that never came true, The General walking in the rain, a cool pizza box from Minneapolis, a cloudy day near a chocolate store, cockroaches eating a cookie in downtown Detroit (figures), projection screen waiting for Fleet Foxes, a White Castle building that was actually a jewelry store (...I know, what?), the Rays wearing an awful lot of orange while standing next to an orange wall, pumpkin soup in a pumpkin, cinnamon whiskey(?), a bomb-a** burrito in Minneapolis, the Double Decker Mega Bus...we didn't even hit an overpass or get pulled over(!), spooky night with a full moon in Detroit, the merry go round at the Tiger's game, a pice of squash on a farm in Minnesota, snow emergency route (duh), Jess playing Buck mercy, a bunch of fixies in Minneapolis (of course), a pretty leaf from Banning State Park.