The Art of Flight: Try Not to be Inspired. I Dare You.

I don't care if you're from space. And have no clue what snowboarding or helicopters are. If you landed your little ship on our brilliant planet and just happen to see Travis Rice and Curt Morgan's The Art of Flight glowing on one of our high definition television contraptions, I can guaranteed you that your little alien jaw will drop. From start to finish, a nearly emotional combination of audio and visual overload bring you to the height of excitement. Cliff drops, avalanches, mountain sunrises, branch cracking, take-offs and landings. Stomping it, casing it, high fives and snowmobiles. It does something to you. If you're a snowboarder, it gets you amped for December. If you're an artist, the camera angles and film editing make you wonder if the bar could possibly get any higher. The narration, so well written and composed, would even impress your college literature professer. Everything about this film seems to come together into a utopia of adrenaline.

If you're not stoked to ride, travel, breathe after watching The Art of Flight, check yourself, son.

Even my mom liked it.

Check it out.

I also really enjoyed the Asymbol Gallery exhibit displayed at the premier.