Hitting the Northern Michigan Backcountry and Ski Graphics Preview!

A couple of weekends ago, I had the opportunity to do some backcountry skiing/snowboarding in Boyne City in Northern Michigan. I have been working with Jeff and the guys at Shaggy's Copper Country Skis for quite some time and they are ALWAYS skiing in fun places up north. And it's rarely at a ski resort. Shaggy's Backcountry Adventure Club

Earlier last year, we came up with this idea for Jeff and the Shaggy's team to host a Backcountry Adventure Club so that other skiers could have new experiences outside of the resort and have the opportunity to meet other passionate skiers. On January 17, they held their first BAC at Avalanche Mountain in Boyne City, there were about 15 of us, it was a blast. People from all over west and northern Michigan. We had young guns tucking through tight tree lines and then the rest of us who were happy about the exercise, exploration and just being outside playing in the snow. We followed that up with a tour of the Shaggy's ski factory just down the road. Great day, awesome snow!

Thanks to Jeff for showing us his secret stashes! I won't tell.

And now, a preview of the new 2016 Ahmeeks!