Welcome to the new High Mountain Creative website!

It's pretty exciting to have a new website. A new brand. A new direction. A new adventure. For those of you who have been following me for the past ten years (or longer, oh, lovely family of mine), you have seen me transition in so many ways. Every mile I've travelled, mountain I've climbed and mouse that I've clicked have made me a stronger person and businesswoman. One thing I can say I've learned over the years that has gotten me this far is how important it is to find inspiration in everything that surrounds you, maybe even the awful things. As you can probably tell, the good  'ol mountain air tends to be my inspiration, not just in a creative sense, but on a daily basis. You might be inspired by architecture or organically-grown produce or quadratic functions. It's really difficult for me to picture myself  stepping outside in the morning to take in a deep breath of quadratic functions. So, I'll stick to what inspires me and you stick to what inspires you and we'll talk at the end of the day. Thanks for visiting and I'll see you next time!