High Mountain Creative is an independent boutique graphic design studio. We are experts in the art of good design. With over ten years of experience ranging from logo design and branding to poster design, marketing materials and advertising, our passion lies in working with businesses who love what they do. We thrive on partnering with local and global companies to make great ideas come alive. As a traveling studio, working with businesses around the world comes naturally to us.

Creative Process
Our projects always start with a pencil and a sketchbook. We're huge advocates of using original art and stepping away from the computer to spend time generating concepts and ideas before even making a mouse click. We love combining all art mediums into our designs – drawing, painting, printing and photography – so the final product is both aesthetically brilliant and uniquely yours.

Our work is fueled by a desire to share our passion for design with those that we collaborate with. For us, this means getting to use our creativity to make others successful. For you, this means having a creative team that you can trust to create a perfect product that effectively represents the unique vision you have for your business.